This copy of the Chesterfield Folk Club's eMagazine Perspective will hopefully provide a starting point for any of you who were not ‘born into' the Folk Music scene and wonder what it's all about - why are there Folkies out there, what makes them so committed and do you have to drink gallons of real ale just to get into the mood.

The first thing to realise is that nobody you ask will come up with a simple clear definition of what folk music is - but be warned! - if they do then run like hell because they will try to convert you to their narrow view of a particular type of ‘special' music.

There is no simple clear definition - ‘Folk' is used to describe everything out there which defies classification because it contains traditional music, (really old stuff), new music which isn't ‘popular', stories that are sung or spoken, comedy, dance, politics - in fact all of life itself being passed on by people performing to other people using words and music - live music and live performance!

The thoughts, the hopes, the fears, the laughter and the tears of people from the past, for the future and for now. If you are interested.



In this eMag we hope to be able to point you to some areas that you may find interesting or informative. These are:-

  • Folk Clubs
  • Folk Web Sites
  • Folk Festivals
  • Folk Magazines

The rest is up to you.

Hopefully you will find more about 'Folk Music' and will discover, as others have done before:-

'Music Matters'