Concert photographs from November 2018

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March 2020
Chris Wood supported by Helen Rice

January 2020
Kathryn Williams supported by The Sons of Rodger

December 2019
Martin Carthy supported by Holly Redford Jones

October 2019
Chris While & Julie Matthews supported by Shaun Hutch

September 2019
Craig and Willoughby supported by Tom Chester

June 2019
Les Barker and Flossie Malavialle

May 2019
Steve Tilston supported by Katie Spencer

April 2019
O'Hooley and Tidow supported by Nigel Parsons

March 2019
Megson supported by Del Scott Miller

February 2019
Gordon Giltrap supported by Tsarzi

January 2019
Elbow Jane supported by Ichabod Wolf

December 2018
Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies Thord Out Christmas Concert

November 2018
Anthony John Clarke and Dave Pegg supported by Becky and the Sharks

October 2018
Judy Dunlop and Quicksilver

September 2018
Ashley Hutchings and Blair Dunlop supported by Friction Farm

June 2018
Vikki Clayton plus Pete Morton

May 2018
Wizz Jones supported by Sensible Shoes

April 2018
The Gerry Colvin Band supported by James Haig

March 2018
Phil Beer supported by Kirsty Merryn

February 2018
Martin Simpson supported by Bob Barrett

January 2018
Sally Barker supported by Poke O'Swedges

December 2017
Granny's Attic supported by the Bailey Sisters

November 2017
Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

September 2017
Enda Kenny and Ar Faoued

June 2017
Whaley & Fletcher plus Marie Little

May 2017
Dovetail Trio supported by ThunderRoadz

March 2017
John Watterson's Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray supported by Dogwood Rose

February 2017
James Kerr and Nancy Fagan supported by Welsh Geoff

January 2017
Les Barker plus Steve and Dee Marshall

December 2016
Belshazzars Feast supported by Sue MacFarlane

November 2016
Harvey Andrews and Judy Dunlop

October 2016
O'Hooley and Tidow supported by Ray Baguley

September 2016
Flossie and The Hut People

June 2016
Miriam Backhouse and Breeze & Wilson

May 2016
Colum Sands supported by Red Ruff

April 2016
Vin Garbutt supported by Steve and Dee Marshall

March 2016
Mrs Ackroyd supported by Old Friends

February 2016
John Spiers supported by Sensible Shoes

January 2016
Haywood & Newman plus Liz Simcock

Decmber 2015
Anthony John Clarke & Dave Pegg

November 2015
Jez Lowe & Steve Tilston

October 2015
While & Matthews

September 2015
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

June 2015
Blair Dunlop

April 2015

March 2015
Martin Simpson

February 2015
Sally Barker

December 2014
Pete Morton's Christmas Tree Tour

November 2014
Anthony John Clark and Dave Pegg

April 2014
The Horton Weavers

February 2014
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

December 2013
New Rope String Band

November 2013
Dick Gaughan

October 2013
Flossie & Stanley Ackrington

January 2013
Elbow Jane