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9th Mar 2018Phil Beer
13th Apr 2018The Gerry Colvin Band
11th May 2018Wizz Jones
8th Jun 2018Vikki Clayton & Pete Morton

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Mobile Phone Usage

We respectfully draw the attention of our customers to our policy regarding mobile phones in the Library Theatre.  We don't know of anyone who leaves their phone ringtone active when at a concert!  However we would like to draw your attention to the general use of smartphones.  The bright screens can be as off putting for your fellow concert goers as a phone that rings so please avoid using your phone for any reason during a performance.

We ensure that good photographs are taken without resporting to flash photography at all our concerts and these are posted on our web site within a week of the performance.  You can freely download thse pictures but please give us a credit if you want to re-post the pictures on social media.  We respectfully ask you not to use your phones for taking photos and video during a performance as it can be very distracting.  Thanks.

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Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page - just search for Chesterfield Folk Club and join our group.  Among other things you will find local gig listings featuring many Chesterfield and Sheffield performers who have supported our acts here at the club.