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13th Sep 2019Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby
11th Oct 2019Chris While and Julie Matthews

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E-Ticket Advice

We are pleased to offer on-line tickets for our concerts.  For many people this makes life a little easier.  Please note that we do not post tickets to your home address, nor do we directly e-mail purchasers of E-tickets.  Please bring your e-mail confirmation from the ticket seller or proof of identity as we have a full list of names of E-ticket purchasers provided by the sellers.

We do not want to hold unnecessary information about people purchasing E-tickets.  The information is held securely by PayPal or other sellers.  We are told the names of purchasers and their e-mail address.  We print this information just before a concert but we do not hold it on-line - your best guarantee of data security!

Several people have asked why we do not send out confirmations.  We hope you will agree with our reasons and that you will be happy to buy E-tickets and trust that we will have received notification of your purchase. 

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Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page - just search for Chesterfield Folk Club and join our group.  Among other things you will find local gig listings featuring many Chesterfield and Sheffield performers who have supported our acts here at the club.