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On Friday, 14th December, we are proud to present


The Thor'd Out Christmas Show with


Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies


Tickets £12

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies bring their popular Christmas show to Chesterfield!

Jez's annual Christmas tour has become quite a tradition in recent years, striking out from their native North East England to entertain audiences across the whole of the UK.

This year, the band once again invites their special guest, Benny Graham, to join them on a journey across the Great North Sea, to share the songs and tales of the Northlands.

Part folk concert, part music-hall revue. Sing along, laugh along, and drive the cold winter away.



At a glance

December 2018
Friday 14th

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies

Thor'd Out Christmas Show!

January 2019
Friday 11th

Kathryn Williams

Supported by Ichabod Wolf

February 2019
Friday 8th

Gordon Giltrap

Supported by Tsarzi


Friday 11th January 2019

Kathryn Williams

Tickets £12

Kathryn Williams is a highly respected singer and songwriter, born in Liverpool and currently based in Newcastle.

Her first album, "Dog Leap Stairs", was famously recorded and released for next-to-nothing, yet received great critical acclaim; the magazine Uncut wrote: "With a voice and songs like these, who needed a budget?" It was her second album, "Little Black Numbers", that gave Kathryn her breakthrough in 2000, garnering a Mercury Music Prize nomination for Album of the Year. Since then, Kathryn has released an impressive string of albums of original songs and carefully selected covers, including "Two" in 2007, "Crown Electric" in 2013 and "Hypoxia" (2015), this last based on Sylvia Plath's novel, "The Bell Jar".

Ichabod Wolf is a local singer-songwriter. He performs original songs about myth, mortality and unemployment in a distinctive baritone voice. His evocative lyricism draws influence from some of the most significant songwriters of the past sixty years; Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits.


Friday 8th February 2019

Gordon Giltrap

Tickets £15

A much anticipated first-time visit to our club by one of the UK’s most respected acoustic guitarists.

It is very difficult to put Gordon's music into any kind of a category, influenced as it is by the rock guitar of Hank Marvin and Pete Townshend, the folk guitar of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn and the classical guitar of Julian Bream and John Williams.

He has released over 25 albums and worked with an array of musicians including Rick Wakeman, Cliff Richard and Brian May. He has had several chart hits and his single "Fear of the Dark" was the first 12-inch colour picture disc to be released in the UK. In 1996, he wrote some of the music and performed alongside Cliff Richard in the West End musical Heathcliff.

Tsarzi is a singer-songwriter from Sheffield. Blending influences from Bach to Bowie, she spins playful piano-based oddities with a twist of dark humour and a writer's eye for quotidian detail. She sings songs of ornaments and decaying seaside towns, with a uniquely unpredictable style that has garnered comparisons to artists as diverse as Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush, and Benjamine Clementine.


Anthony John Clarke and Dave Pegg, supported by Becky and the Sharks (Friday November 9th 2018)

Review by Dave Banks

It's always an enjoyable evening at Chesterfield Folk Club's monthly concerts at the Library Theatre, but this month was particularly so, due to the quality of comedy on offer, in addition to superb musicianship. The acts could have been specifically designed to appeal to my sense of humour, with lyrics that featured not only Khazad-dûm and Shackleton's banjo, but also the greatest footballer of all time, Archie Gemmill (not once, but twice!)

The show was opened by 5-piece band Becky and the Sharks. They're from the wrong side of the Pennines, but that mattered not a jot. The band has recently expanded from a threesome and now features Monica on bass, Steve on keyboards, Briget on cello, Penny on percussion. Singer Leslie Anne Davies, who is also songwriter-in-chief, played acoustic guitar and displayed a great, unforced vocal range. The songs were not only musically accomplished but very entertaining, from the Tolkien send-up Mithril ("All I want's a camisole of mithril... I'd even snog that big balrog, down in Khazad-dûm"), through Goth at Heart, to the fabulous up-beat East End Shelley ("Sweet little Shelley – Shelley's got a gun").

The Sharks were followed by the duo of Dave Pegg and Anthony John Clarke. Dave, of course, is a grand old warhorse of the folk scene – having played bass with Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull – and tonight he underpinned the evening with electric bass and mandolin. Anthony John Clarke fronted the duo with a guitar and a mix of song and comedy that put me in mind of a Belfast Billy Connolly. Live comedy has got to be one of the toughest jobs on earth, but to deliver gags and banter with flawless timing, while playing finger-picking guitar and holding down a rhythm left me feeling I'd just watched a masterclass in performing arts. I'm sure a lot of rehearsal and experience lies behind Anthony John's delivery, but his one-liners seemed to flow completely naturally, often relying heavily on gags about his wife Julia ("To think I nearly lost her... that was one hell of a card game!") and his Aunt Lilly. The songwriting was deeply impressive, too, ranging from the more sober end of the spectrum (The Broken Years and Years Ago, Not Now – about the bands and acts who'd had the courage to visit Belfast during the years of civil war), but usually ending up in comic mode ("Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke", describing the characters inhabiting a particularly god-forsaken pub on the Irish coast). Anthony John's lyrics impress and tickle my sensibilities (ooh, matron!). You can't not love lyrics like "Nibble on my little ear, Mother Superior" and a song that rhymes "clumsy tackling" with "Illya Kuryakin" (My Good Old Days). And then – those two Archie Gemmill lyrics - and the news that Donald Trump is Jedward's father - just made the night complete.

Come back soon, Dave, Anthony John and the various Beckys.

Concert photos by Patrick Scott